What the World needs Now

Words John Volmer

Illustrator Ulla Puggaard | Tomorrow Management

Danish Ulla Puggaard, 43, educated in graphic design and illustration in Denmark, has for more than 20 years worked with art direction and illustration in various forms. Ulla has achieved several awards including American Illustration US as well as exhibited in Copenhagen, London and New York.

Her style is strong and powerful and she masters colours, functions and forms to perfection. For clients including Wallpaper, The New Yorker, New York Times, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Habitat, Gucci, Burberry, Topshop and Commes des Garçons she has worked with illustration as a poetic and artistic expression and as a graphical interpretation of trends and fashion.

TJ: What was the last “must-have” you got yourself?
Ulla: Chanel Paradoxal 509 nail varnish … ultra violet for the winter!

TJ: What are your dreams for the future?
Ulla: That I’ll keep getting inspired!

TJ: Where is it happening right now?
Ulla: Broadway Market in Hackney London is very happening right now. There is a market on Saturdays, bars, restaurants, bookshops and loads of pop-up galleries.

TJ: Fashion and illustration – what’s up?
Ulla: Handwriting is pretty hot at the moment. I’ve just been working on a handwriting project for Vogue.

TJ: Any remarks?
Ulla: Always do the best you can!


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