Sofia Richie brings sexiness to Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Denim Spring Summer 2017

Models Sofia Richie, Lucky Blue Smith, Anwar Hadid

Social media star Sofia Richie, daughter of Lionel Richie, stars in the new Spring Summer 2017 campaign from Tommy Hilfiger Denim together with Lucky Blue Smith and Anwar Hadid.

Tommy Hilfiger have with their close collaboration with Gigi Hadid, had an eye on the fashionable urban millennials for a while trying to market their iconic brand to hip young men and women. Introducing Sofia Richie in their new denim campaign, they add just a small note of rebel’s vibe to the Californian stylish and all-around happy summer mood of Hilfiger.

The campaign is shot in Los Angeles, California and presents stylish pieces inspired by 70’es styles.


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