Pink post Easter

When the Scandinavian Spring seems to feel a bit like winter – I’ve escaped to the warm southern climes. The Spanish capital Madrid is vibrant in a wonderful relaxing way.

In Madrid city center, there’s life and bustle – and a small touch of New York’s Time Square just in a much smaller format … the atmosphere is more relaxed though, people are not in haste or spewing stressful mines. There’s time to stop, take a moment, laugh, hold the door for the next to come in, enjoy a churro and take a pit stop at a tapas bar in the cozy La Latina neighborhood or enjoy a sangria on a rooftop terrace overlooking the city.

The Spanish fashion on the street is dominated by bold colors, patterns, flowers and bare legs. The crowned and hip Spanish high street brands like Mango, Zara, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius and others are right at home and invite for irresistible impulsive shopping of clothing. You are seduced by styles that look amazing when you are surrounded by tanned legs, palms blowing in the wind and the sun warms your cheeks. It is a beautiful colorful mecca that evokes smiles and joy.

Although we in Scandinavia might be a little more conservative and minimalist in our everyday life style, it would probably do us good with a little more color in our everyday life.

Be inspired by the beautiful color PINK that is undeniable the absolute must-have color for this season. It doesn’t need to be cute and dolly-like pink, on the contrary, you can spice it up to be extra cool and hip when you style it in more raw and authentic direction as creative dream team with photographer Mads Teglers, makeup artist Marina Andersson and hair artist Sidsel Marie Bøg have done in their latest beauty for us – Provocative Pink.

Enjoy a pink post Easter!

Love Anne 


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