Picasso Portraits in London


Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso by Robert Doisneau

From 6th October 2016 to 5th February 2017 the National Portrait Gallery in London will be showcasing Pablo Picasso portraits from all periodes of his work. More than eighty works of his portrayal of family, friends and lovers will be exhibited.

Pablo Picasso | 1923
Portrait of Olga Picasso by Pablo Picasso, 1923 | Succession Picasso | DACS, London 2016

From classic beauty and naturalism to expressionism and his radical originality the Picasso Portraits exhibition presents Picasso’s interest and inspiration from the old masters like Velázquez and Rembrandt.

Pablo Picasso
Woman in a Hat (Olga) by Pablo Picasso, 1935 | Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais | Droits reserves
Girl in a Chemise by Pablo Picasso, 1905
Girl in a Chemise by Pablo Picasso, 1905 | Succession Picasso | DACS 2016

This is a unique opportunity to see Picasso’s vast production of portraits – from celebrated masterpieces loaned by international museums, private collections and a special co-operations with the Museu Picasso in Barcelona.


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