NYFW peek into Fall 2017

A new fashion season kicked off this past Thursday with New York at its helm and it somehow feels like an eerie time for everyday life gears to be put on hold in service of fashion, doesn’t it?

While the US is in the throes of far more dire strain of chaos, from the political protest and social outrage, to the devastating natural disasters sweeping off chucks of land, somehow, in the midst of it all, the show must indeed go on.

That’s what this time of year has always represented for us fashion fans and media outlets like Tomorrow’s Journal, chaos of a totally different nature: the unreliable long hours, the overlapping show schedules, the frenetic action backstage, the street-style circus outside the shows…

Fashion Week is one of the biggest events on the New York social calendar and a lot of work goes in behind the scenes to make sure it is a stand out event time and time again. The next few days will see more heels, lipstick and avant-garde outfits storming the decked-out venues than any other week in the year. And while it may be the most glamorous date for the biggest influencers in style and fashion devotees, for the designers and crew orchestrating the shows it’s anything but. While most attendees only see the curated spectacle of models striding seamlessly down the runway, the real magic happens behind closed curtains, with a crackling hub of activity roaming the halls at an imperative pace.

Back in February, we dispatched photographer Lasse Bak Mejlvang to capture the frenzied few hours before go time, and he came back with a set of images that lift the lid on a side of NYFW we rarely get to see.

As enticing as these fashion shows really are, nothing beats witnessing the towering flock of sweatpants-clad models as they are transformed into lustrous crystal-emblazed butterflies. Sleek white canvases where perfectly coiffed hair, beautifully made-up faces, and thought-provoking clothing provide the backdrop for, well, the trends you are seeing on streets today.

So in honor of the new season we have barely embarked on, we’re taking a look back at all our exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of the most exciting shows of Fall/Winter 2017, in case you haven’t updated your fashion checklists just yet!

Words Valeria Solonari | Photographer Lasse Bak Mejlvang



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