Make love, not walls


Photographer David LaChapelle
Brand Diesel | Spring-Summer 2017

Diesel breaks down barriers and promotes the love in their SS17 campaign “Make Love Not Walls”, directed by David LaChapelle.

Diesel recently introduced their campaign “Make Love Not Walls”. They strive to give words to the injustice, inequality and imbalance we are seeing in the world today.

David LaChapelle, the iconic artist and photographer, has in collaboration with creative director, Nicola Formichetti, created the campaign. The purpose is to put a spotlight on the barriers that are being raised in the world. They use the wall as a symbol of separation and the challenges the world is facing at the moment.

As a part of the campaign, Diesel has started the world tour of their rainbow-colored Love-tank in London. From here, the tank is meant to travel around the world and literally knock down barriers and walls.

»At Diesel we disassociate ourselves from hate and more than ever we wish for the world to know that«, says Nicola Formichetti and elaborates »Love and unity are essential for the creation of a society we want to live in and the future we all deserve«.

The “Make Love Not Walls” campaign launches in a time where hatred, fear, and closedness have taken over large parts of the world. By launching the campaign on Valentine’s Day, Diesel wishes to bring the celebration of love and the hope of a brighter future into focus. We are to see the Love-tank as the symbol of hope. A military tool being stripped of its original purpose and now being a machine that unites instead of divides.

It has always been a goal for Diesel to push the limits. As the founder of Diesel, Renzo Rosso, says »We have to have the courage to break down barriers in a time where fear divides the world with more walls«.

The campaign video and images present a true celebration of love as well as of diversity in a desert setting with lots of colors, dance and smiles.


Music by Alex Vargas.


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