Photographer and styling Signe Vilstrup | Tomorrow Management

Make-up Anne Staunsager | LundLund

Hair Mads Stig

Model Sari Jønsson | Scoop Models

Be inspired by the dual symbolism of the magnolia flower as strong and soft, dark and light, masculine and feminine meet in this captivating story featuring Danish model Sari photographed by Signe Vilstrup.

The magnolia flower is a symbol of beginnings as it is both an evolutionary archetype and also one of the very first trees to blossom in spring. Let the nature of the magnolia truly foster the feeling of spring both in your mind and wardrobe.

Early spring is also a perfect time to work with contrasts in your look. Take directions from make-up artist Anne Staunsager and let your make-up be soft and mellow. Play with it as a contrast to heavy textiles such as fur, knit and all-cotton. The transition from winter to spring is the ideal season to mix and match, and create an enchanting contrast with light and dark layers in your attire and look of the day.


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