Lips Go Classic

Photographer Sune Czajkowski | Tomorrow Management
Make-up artist | Mette Schou
Hair artist | Sabina Simmelhag
Model Laura Lind | Unique Models
Retouch | Studio Kowski

Let your lips go classic in a perfected red or lush natural look. Embrace the power and simplicity of a crisp, natural look by letting your lips do all the talking.

Photographer Sune Czajkowski lets you do just that in this beauty editorial. But there is more to it than just captivating natural beauty. Czajkowski touches upon the paradoxical interplay between the softness of natural beauty and the hardness of beauty perfecting tools and routines. We shiver at the sharp scissor seemingly almost puncturing a plump, perfect red lip. We recognize the tear. The pictures go from quiet to wild poetically and exaggeratedly displaying the beauty routines women undergo.


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