Ghostly by Jesper Ryom

Sound Designer Martin Strandgaard | Tomorrow Management

“Ghostly” by Jesper Ryom
Release | Syvsover EP, 2013
Label | Freude Am Tanzen

The vibe in this track is just amazing! Is it house, minimal, melancholic, is it big and summer-ish or just a house beat with some samples… stop asking! – And let Jesper Ryom’s track Ghostly show you how it all can be combined.

This track builds on well known house music techniques but adds a modern and unique twist in terms of arrangement and production. The contrast between what sounds like old vinyl samples and modern drum programming is a match made in heaven and makes all elements stand out in a natural way.

I feel inspired by how well all elements come together and how they create a soft yet very clear mood – perfect for waking up in the morning, for dancing by yourself on a sunny afternoon or for that overheated party when the people on the floor just needs that feel-good-track they can move to


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