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We have left the era of mindless consumption and arrived at the understanding that we are one, infinitely related.

The Hindus in India believe that the waters of the river Ganges, which flow from the Himalayas, are the most sacred things on earth. It is an unwritten rule that the Hindus should see, bathe in or drink from the river at least once during their lives. They take it very literally. The river never sleeps, there are always visitors. With more than 400 million people living along its banks that stretch for 2500 km, the water never rests.

In Varanasi, the most sacred city in India, the Ganges is the heart of the city. Hindus make pilgrimages to the city to live close to the river and bathe in it up to several times a day. Every night Hindu rituals are performed along the river and flowers are put into the water. At the so-called cremation ghats, which are special places for cremating the dead, the Hindus ‘bury’ their loved ones. The Hindus believe that being cremated and having your ashes scattered in the Ganges will wash away your sins and take your spirit closer to Moksha, the freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth.

The river is named after the Hindu goddess Ganga. According to the myth, Ganga was sent down to Earth and, shaped like a river, she would help cleanse people of negative karma. For that very reason, millions of Hindus choose to live near the river and bathe in it every day.


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