“Turning Violent” by The Flaming Lips

“Turning Violent” by The Flaming Lips
Release | 2013
Label | Pitchfork

This is one of my absolute favorite bands and something I listen to very often these days.

I’m intrigued by it both lyrically and musically. And with their wide range from events and themes from songs that reminds you of children songs to large orchestral scenes. Hence The Flaming Lips has been a big part of my musical upbringing.

This video shows exactly what they can do and what they dare. It’s the official video for the single, but instead of doing a video for the track from the record, they decided to do a live version played out in a large white room with a lot of people lying in the room as spectators … it’s fun, beautiful and dangerous!

Sound designer Christian Olesen | Tomorrow Management


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