Creative Concept | #JustKidsToday
Photographer Kristina Demant | Tomorrow Management
Stylist Camilla Ebdrup
Hair & Make-up | Emilie Preskou
Art Director Kristina Kordovsky
Models | Caroline & Emma

Black on black is always a good choice, even in the summertime. You just have to find the right equilibrium.

In this editorial shot by photographer Kristina Demant we praise the dark but equilibrium looks of the summer.

One of the biggest trends at the moment is the athleisure look. It dosn’t just work for the adults, it also perfectly embodies the life and energy of kids. Stylist Camilla Ebdrup has found the perfect fit for the trend. We see it in the fusing point between feminin ballet and strong gymnastics. By keeping the materials light and slim, there is room for the drak colors to dominate the look and the trend presents the right drop of darkness to the fresh and cool look. Thus letting you find the equilibrium of the perfect summer outfit.


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