CPHFW: Empowered Feminism & Dandy Masculinity

Copenhagen Fashion Week | Recap
Season Fall 2017

Photography | Courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week
and Marie Lockwood | Tomorrow Management

Copenhagen Fashion Week came and went. And like so many fashion weeks before, this one left us with an abundance of impressions and inspiration.

There was a miscellany of everything from vinyl to wool, check patterns to stripes, and Kangol inspired hats in gold to monstrous antlers (!) Not to mention – fishnet stockings, fishnet socks, socks with logo (no we don’t mean Vetements..), logo tees, statement tees (insert knuckles emoji), liberty print, leopard print, dog print, army print, 60s “I’m high as a kite” psychedelic print, glitter, gold, glam, embellishments, ruffles, pleats, lace, bows, broderie anglaise, red, pink, orange, bordeaux, prince purple, royal blue, crispy white, neutral tones, brownish, green, satin, velvet, velour, leather, suede, denim, 70s inspired fake fur, futuristic fur, Upper East Side fur, hoodies, track pants, puffy jackets, various versions of suits, flared pants, the beige trench, the blue shirt, the “I’m going skiing” zipper shirt, below the ladylike knee A-skirts, V-necks, bare shoulders, “Little House on the Prairie” nightgowns, waisted belts, oversize earrings with feathers or (why not) with Christmas bulbs, empowered feminism vs. doll faced virtuousness, dandy masculinity vs. mod grandpa style, gender equality, a whole lot of love, and Amy Winehouse doing speed..way. 

Not bad CPHFW, not bad at all. We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next season!


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