Colors of Childhood

Creative Concept | #JustKidsToday
Photographer Kristina Demant | Tomorrow Management
Stylist | Camilla Ebdrup
Models | Elvis, Frida, Karlie, Sigurd and Sonja

In this new editorial photographer Kristina Demant takes us back to the colors of childhood, reminding us of the vivid imagination and playful times filling up the days of children. As the summer holiday is approaching we appreciate the freedom and carefree spirit of children. Inspired by the feeling of summer holiday we all know and wish to reclaim from childhood, Demant has created a series of lovely images encapsulating just that.

Having little notion of time and not being burdened with the load of doings and expectations as adults, the summer holiday literally appears endless in the eyes of children.  Truly living in the present, children excel every moment of the day. Whether playing at the beach under the heat of the sun, cooling off with tons of ice cream or sleeping in and enjoying family time at breakfast.

Demant’s images makes us smile and kindly asks us to remember to see the world through the eyes of children. Through an array of colors yet perfectly toned and balanced this subtle and touching editorial sets the summer mood.


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