A Playground for Creativity

Words Benedicte Lorenzen

Photography Peter Krasilnikoff

Photography Peter KrasilnikoffCan art, fashion and design go together with retail? If you ask interior designer David Thulstrup the short answer is yes. For five years he has been doing exactly that together with his young and talented team at Studio David Thulstrup. A design studio, where creativity flows in every corner.

Candle wax attacks the raw wood table like lava from an erupting volcano. Plants grow around the computer screens leaving only the front visible to the eye, while French, Italian, English and Danish words fill the air as one big, creative European sound barrier. This is David’s design dream. A dream about creating a design studio that will take interior design into new levels.

“We have a strong creative sense in combining fashion, design and art in our projects. My team consists of young, talented people from all over the world, which is interesting, because we constantly develop in new and different directions. This is still a very small company, but we have huge potential both in the projects we already did, and also in the projects we are about to do,” tells 35-year-old interior designer David Thulstrup.

His creative mind has been spinning in the interior world for 10 years now. The first professional thoughts came to life in Paris, where David Thulstrup worked at Atelier Jean Nouvel, until New York was calling for more creativity in 2007. Here the Danish designer began working for the world famous architect Peter Marino. Take one quick look at David’s long CV, and names like Chanel and Valentino will pop into your eyes. Being responsible for the creative development for the stores of Chanel was a great challenge, but in 2009 the urge to start something in Denmark was even greater, and Studio David Thulstrup was born.

“During the first five years we have created an understanding on how we work. It has been five years of hard experience, but it will ensure that we have the right foundation to create uniqueness for our clients as well as our own designs in the future,” the designer explains.

Many different skills meet in Studio David
 Thulstrup every day, which make the studio
capable of working with interior design on 
many levels. Take a sofa, you can get them everywhere, but David and his team never just
 buy one and give it new fabric. They design
the sofa from the bottom of the leg to the top 
of the backrest. (…)

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